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Pulling Power… the new VW Amarok Pick-up

25 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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Volkswagen have demonstrated the impressive power of their brand new Amarok pick-up by using it to demolish a 67m high steel chimney weighing approximately 140 tonnes and standing at nearly the same height as Westminster Abbey. The huge chimney structure in Reading, Berkshire, would normally have required a 40 tonne excavator to pull it down, but after […]

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Sixt Ash Cloud Update

24 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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To help ease the worry and concern to our customers we are currently waiving cancellation fees on pre-paid bookings at all of our UK airport branches that are being affected by the Icelandic ash cloud. Many flights in and out of Scotland were cancelled today and there is more uncertainty ahead as more flights are […]

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Controlling the cost of motoring

15 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time now, in fact every time I fill up my car and see the depressing amount of money that I’m spending on fuel I get reminded to do it, so here it goes. My initial plan was to give this post the title ‘Driving […]

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The perfect combination for your holidays – Sixt and Aldiana Alcaidesa

13 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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The Aldiana Alcaidesa Hotel stands for beach on the one hand and for golf on the other. Sports, fun and fitness. To describe it briefly, for enyoing life. The hotel is perfect whether you are looking for beauty and wellness or wining and dining. Located on the sunny coast of Spain, the Costa del Sol, this hotel […]

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Sixt also offers family cars for First Ladies

12 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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Successful advertising campaign in France reacts to rumours about Carla Bruni-Sarkozy´s pregnancy The family car is ready: Sixt is commenting in their typical tongue in cheek way at the animated debates about the rumoured pregnancy of the French president’s wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: “Dear Madame Bruni, do you need a family car?”, is the slogan of […]

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Sixt at Mille Miglia 2011

12 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     

Sixt, one of Europe’s first car rental companies, is looking forward to its 100th birthday in 2012 with excitement. For decades, Sixt vehicles have been part of the “Mille Miglia”. Now the company is thrilled to again be one of the main sponsors and the exclusive car hire partner of the most prestigious classic car […]

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Airbus crashes into CRJ-700 at JFK!

9 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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I watched the Airbus collision on the news last month. I can’t stand to see the big guys pushing the little guys around, what gives the Airbus A380 the right to park on top of another aeroplane? Yes you may be the largest aeroplane in the world but that doesn’t mean you don’t show some […]

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Sixt launches Uruguay: Expanded coverage in South America

2 May 2011 by Matthew Fransioli     
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Attractive offers for business and leisure travellers Good news for all the travelers to South America: Sixt is expanding its presence in South America and is now providing customers with flexible and convenient services in Uruguay. Sixt is offering individual rental solutions, starting from one day rentals up to long term services for several months. […]

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