Travel guide to Malaga

As part of our Spanish travel trips series, we bring your our next destination.

Malaga is a Spanish City located in the South of the country. It is the largest city on the Costa del Sol. The climate is hot in the summer and indeed, the average daily temperature is 20 degrees or more for 8 months of the year… and is an average of 27-31 degrees between June and September.

It’s hot weather and (generally) relaxed atmosphere attracts thousands of tourists. Its beaches, art museums, restaurants and shops are other tourist attractions that Malaga offers.



The most famous delicacies in Malaga are arguably ‘espetos’ and ‘pescaito frito’. The former equates to grilled sardines on a bamboo stick and the latter to various types of deep fried fish. Another popular cusine is coquinas. This is a must-try shell-fish meal cooked with white wine when you are on holiday in Spain!

Dozens of beach restaurants are situated along the coast. These restaurants virtually all serve up great fish and seafood and also paella.

Paella is a rice dish that usually contains many other ingredients such as vegetables and especially fish.



Some of the more popular places to eat in Malaga include EL Tintero. At this restaurant the customers are not offered a menu to choose from. Instead

the waiters sing the meal that they are carrying

and if you raise your arm then they will hand you the plate!

Meanwhile Malaga is also known for its wines, which tend to be sweet wines called Mosto.


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The best beaches in Malaga are arguably

  • Playa de La Malagueta
  • Playa Palo
  • Playa Huelin
  • Playa Las Acacias

All have excellent restaurants and beach bars and a generally good atmosphere. Playa Las Acacias is a very popular (grey-fine sanded) beach that can however get crowded



There are many attractions in Malaga. One delightful attraction is Finca La Concepcion – which has a reputation for being one of the most attractive botanical gardens in Europe. Tourists can walk around the gardens and enjoy the sight of numerous ornamental pools that are occupied by waterlilys, frogs, turtles, and toads.

  • Museo Picasso Malaga – Malaga’s most famous museum. It contains sculptures, drawings, paintings… including 22 contributions donated to it from Picasso’s grandchild.
  • Gibralfaro Castle/Fortress – a must-see as it offers the finest views that this beautiful city has to offer
  • Malaga Cathedral – also known as ‘La Manquita’ is another must-see… a visually magnificant 276 foot building.

For more information on Malaga’s attractions please check the Spanish tourist board



Of course there are many excellent hotels in Malaga. One highly recommended hotel is the Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro – This is again, recommended due to the mesmorising visual views of Malaga that people experience here.

This hotel also provides its guests with 38 suites, a large swimming pool (located on the top-floor), and an outstanding restaurant. Finally it pays homage to Picasso (who was born in Malaga) with a grand painting of the great man hanging on the restaurant wall.

If you are looking for car hire, Sixt are located just outside Malaga Airport look at the Sixt Malaga Website!

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