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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip Press Release

9 Sep 2014 by Ishbel     

Auf Wiedersehen #SixtRallye, until next year… Sixt rent a car Official Press Release The first #SixtRallye has come to a successful end with the six teams returning to the Sixt headquarters in Pullach, Munich, with their iconic Sixt premium hire cars and unique memories of their trip. Their adventure started in the Bavarian capital and […]

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip Winner Announced

8 Sep 2014 by Ishbel     

Champion of the #SixtRallye! Our thrilling #SixtRallye has come to an end for this year. Which means that the scores must be totted up and a Champion announced.              

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – Meet the Cars

5 Sep 2014 by Ishbel     

Meet the Other Stars of the #SixtRallye European Roadtrip, Our Premium Cars So we have seen and heard a lot about our teams, their destinations and their challenges. You will have glimpsed the cars in the snapshots and videos but let’s introduce them fully…              

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – The Last Sprint of the #SixtRallye

4 Sep 2014 by Ishbel     

Our Final Days of the #SixtRallye in France and Switzerland Our final days have dawned but the fun hasn’t waned and the teams have upped their games to the max to win those last points that are up for grabs to ultimately bag the title of Champions of the 2014 #SixtRallye.         […]

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – The #SixtRallye Lands in Spain

1 Sep 2014 by Ishbel     

Driving Up a Storm with the #SixtRallye in France, Spain and France Again! After 1,600km and countless photos, posts and other social media impressions, our brave teams cross the French border into Spain and arrive into Barcelona – but no time for rest, we have more challenges, challenges, challenges plus a bit of partying for […]

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – Reaching Halfway

31 Aug 2014 by Ishbel     

Nice to Barcelona – Half way through the #SixtRallye European Roadtrip Six days have whizzed past, and our 6 #SixtRallye teams have kept us entertained with a blur of posts and pics from their rally race and challenges. Over the days we’ve ridden with them in their premium Sixt hire cars and enjoyed the vistas […]

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – The First Drives

28 Aug 2014 by Ishbel     

The First Driving Adventures of our #SixtRallye Teams in their European Roadtrip Our 6 Driving Challengers and their gleaming Sixt hire cars were on their marks for the start of the #SixtRallye at 12 o’clock sharp on Friday 22nd August.              

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip – Driving Teams

26 Aug 2014 by Ishbel     

Meet the Brave Teams of the #SixtRallye European Roadtrip Our 6 #SixtRallye teams are all on track after the #SixtRallye European Roadtrip driving travel adventure launched on Friday. Our teams have already successfully made it from the Sixt rent a car HQ in Munich to Innsbruck, Lugano, Nizza and today are in Aix-en-Provence. Still to […]

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#SixtRallye European Roadtrip Launches

22 Aug 2014 by Ishbel     

Welcome to the Start of the #SixtRallye European Roadtrip! Last month the Sixt UK Blog announced our #SixtRallye – where six intrepid 2-men teams drive to ten cities within six European countries over eleven days in a racy Sixt hire car each. The expedition launched today with our teams speeding off in their Sixt hire […]

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Sixt baby boom | Child safety guide and competition

5 Jul 2014 by Matthew Fransioli     
Filed under: competition     

Sixt rent a car are launching a new awareness campaign which revolves around travelling safely with younger passengers and provides further information regarding the laws, regulations and penalties surrounding the use of baby/child safety seats. To reinforce our message and get our information across in the best way possible we have produced a new section […]

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