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Sixt UK raises money for Drying Little Tears on Christmas Jumper Day

12 Dec 2014 by Barry Cooper     
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The Christmas Jumper Day is taking place on the 12th of December 2014 and is reoccurring every year since it was founded by the Charity “Save the Children” in the UK. It is a national fundraising campaign under the slogan “make the world better with a sweater” and reason enough for hundreds of Britains each […]

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Sixt UK’s Charity Day for Drying Little Tears Donation to Children In Need 2014

28 Nov 2014 by Andre     

                  With the winter months fast approaching and Christmas seeming so far away it is always nice to have something to look forward to. This year, Sixt UK at the Chesterfield Office decided to do something to wash away the winter blues and raise money for ‘Children […]

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Celebrate Halloween With Sixt Rent a Car

22 Oct 2014 by Andre     

    Pumpkins, skeletons, spiders and witches. You’ve guessed it folks; Halloween is upon us and we at Sixt are here to help you make the most of the upcoming holiday. This week at Sixt we give you a list of the scariest locations in the United Kingdom to celebrate Halloween!

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What type of Driver are you?

20 Aug 2014 by Matthew Fransioli     
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How do you drive? The Driver Quiz Have you wondered what type of driver you are? There is now a test for you can find out if you are a grandma driver or a race car driver. If you click on the link below you will be able to take the test.   Have you […]

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Great deals for adults and children alike; Bobby car give-away at selected UK branches!

8 May 2014 by Nicholas Parry     
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If you’ve ever travelled with children, you will be well acquainted with the restless cry of; “are we there yet?”. We at Sixt rent a car recognise this, and in an attempt to remedy it and ensure your experience with our car rental service is as seamless as possible, we are now giving away free […]

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Birmingham Festivals in March

18 Feb 2014 by Aey Schumann     

Birmingham is host to a wide variety of festivals during March for people of all ages. With music, films, whisky, food and a variety of other entertainment there will be lots in store for everyone. Look below for a guide to some of festivals in Birmingham.     Flatpack film festival What: Flatpack film festival […]

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Men VS Women Driving Infographic

16 Jan 2014 by Matthew Fransioli     

Sixt rent a car Infographic Who are Better Drivers Women or Men? Survey conducted by Sixt Neuwagen Around 1,000 drivers have been asked for their opinion Result: men THINK they are the better drivers, whereas women ARE the safer drivers

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Road Trip 14-in-14

13 Sep 2013 by Anna Jackson     

Road trip ideas for Summer 2014: Explore 14 UK destinations in 14 days From undiscovered countryside and historic heritage homes, to sparking cities with roaring nightlives; Great Britain is home to a diverse range of unique locations. This year, why not explore some of the back-door destinations you’ve never visited before, by embarking upon a […]

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Lots to do in London this September

2 Sep 2013 by Evelyn Firydus     

Slowly but steadily the days are getting shorter again as autumn is nearing. But there’s no need to feel blue as there is plenty to do throughout London this September. You don’t have to be a local Londoner to enjoy the many events taking place; travel down to the capital for a weekend break or […]

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Scotland Road Trips

20 Aug 2013 by Anna Jackson     

Home to some of the most captivating locations in Britain, Scotland’s beautiful scenes and remarkable heritage is waiting to be discovered. The majority of Scotland is untamed countryside, growing wilder and more striking the further you decide to venture. As you travel north, the dramatic splendour of the Highlands unfolds. So much of this beautiful land […]

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