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Over the last few months we have been expanding the ways of providing our customers with excellent service. We’ve opened up ourselves to the internet by blogging, answering queries through our twitter account @SixtUK and have begun to interact with customers on numerous consumer forums. The main driving force behind our online presence is Gary Coughlan, Sixt UK’s Customer Service Manager, who now spends his time not only dedicated to answering customers e-mails and phone calls but also providing answers to any questions or problems that may crop up on the internet. In recognition of his level of service Sixt Rent a Car put him forward to the BT Visit London Awards panel and we are extremely pleased to say he has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Customer Service award.

The BT Visit London Awards 2010 will be held in The Bloomsbury Big Top on the 8th December, where Gary and Sixt will face stiff competition from 5 other companies in the category. Sixt’s Commercial Director, Per Voegerl, was extremely pleased to see Gary’s efforts rewarded with the nomination and said “Sixt have been providing excellent service to our customers for many years, but as a company we need to always be striving to progress and improve this. By opening up new avenues to respond to our customers and extend our service to the online world we hope that we’re going to continue to improve our standards long into the future”.

Gary said earlier today that “it is a privilege to be nominated for this award, it’s always good to be recognised for any effort that you make at work although at Sixt I just see it as part of the service that I and the rest of the customer service team aim to provide on a daily basis”. Everyone at Sixt is wishing Gary the best of luck for when he goes to the awards and fingers crossed he might even bring home a trophy to grace his desk, alongside the pictures of his family.

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  1. Robert Stephan says:


    Your customer service is unable to answer a simple question relating to your invoices within 28 days. So what?

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    • Gary Coughlan says:

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback here on our blog.

      Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay you experienced in obtaining a response from our Customer Service Team here in the U.K.

      Your e-mail to the U.K Customer Service Team should have been automatically routed to an agent and responded to, regrettably in your case this has not happened. We do reply to the majority of customer e-mails within 5 working days, of course there are exceptions to this but we are working extremely hard to ensure that all customer queries are responded to within the best timeframes.

      The summer months are our busiest as we deal with the international rentals for U.K customers who in the main have booked rentals in popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. This does put a seasonal pressure on the team in the U.K but I can assure you that we are working very hard to meet this demand and had already recruited an extra Customer Service Agent prior to the high season to help meet the expected increase. We want our service to be the best in the industry and we are prepared to make the necessary investment to achieve this.

      All the details needed to answer your query were available from checking our system and an answer could have been provided immediately with no requirement for a detailed investigation. I am very sorry that you experienced this unnecessary delay.

      I am genuinely very sorry that we let you down with our service on this occasion, I hope you will give us another opportunity to demonstrate the usually high standards that you rightly expect when choosing to rent with Sixt rent a car.

      I have provided more detail in reply to your e-mail.

      Best regards
      Gary Coughlan

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  2. Tony Phillips says:

    Have you given up on the blog because of all the unsatisfied customers?

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  3. Mat says:

    Dear Mr Coughlan,

    I recently hired a vehicle in your fleet from the Bordeaux airport office. I arrived on time and I had booked on the internet, paid for upfront a few days before.

    When I arrived I was told that the car I had booked had been taken by someone else, and, worst of all, there was only one car left in the lot and it was a family car, a Renault Espace. This is a dauntingly large vehicle to drive in a country I am not familiar with driving in.

    The lady at the desk told me that I could take it or go to another company.

    This is despicable customer service towards a returning customer who has used your service before in the UK, a customer who has paid UP FRONT with good faith.

    What if I had arrived one person behind the next customer? Would I have been left without a car in Bordeaux despite having paid up front for it?!!

    I require an explanation for the way you’re running your company.

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  4. Gary Coughlan says:

    Hi Mat,

    Thank you for posting about your experience here on our blog. I have forwarded your feedback to the Operations Team in France.

    I am extremely sorry to learn of your situation, of course when you book a vehicle with us you are right to expect to receive the vehicle that you booked. On occasions the reserved vehicle is not available, delayed returns, accidents and unusually high demand can mean the vehicle is unexpectedly unavailable. Naturally we would like to upgrade our customer in this event. Mostly, this means our customer receives a nicer car as a free upgrade, although I accept that on some occasions the alternative vehicle offered may be less appropriate for the driver’s request.

    Please be assured that when we accept your booking we do so wholly on the basis that we will supply you with a vehicle within your group booked.

    I hope you are happy with the further detail I have provided direct to your e-mail.

    Gary – Customer Service Team

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