Orange Seasons

dohaI started working in Sixt Doha, Qatar, which is now one of the richest countries in the Gulf States due to the exploitation of large oil and gas fields. It’s a country where it seems that the whole year is summer. I experienced temperatures as high as 52 degree Celsius whilst renting out cars and checking them in. Every house, office and store has air condition which is very important as you cannot survive from the hot weather without it. You cannot stay even for an hour or two outside your door as it feels like your body is being cooked and your blood boiling whilst walking under the extreme heat of the sun. Nevertheless, whether it was humid, sand storm, winter (very short!) or summer . . .  through all these I managed to see the brighter side of each season. I enjoyed serving Sixt customers in Doha no matter how bad the weather was. It was all worth it just seeing that the customers were happy and satisfied by our service. Likewise, a great experience bringing myself closer to Arab people, learning how to respect their religion, culture and beliefs. It was a season for me to be grateful to the company for all the knowledge about the business and most importantly the friendship I have earned with different races.

After more than two years of working in Sixt Qatar, I moved to the UK to follow my wife in November of last year. With my work experience and the recommendation from my former bosses in Sixt Qatar & head office in Sixt Germany, I got a job at Sixt Heathrow. It was winter time when I started working in Sixt Heathrow. Meeting with new colleagues brought back the happy working moment I had in Sixt Qatar. However, with a heavy snow last year, it was a big challenge on my part to cope along with a little stress of being new in this country and company. Standing in the bus station waiting for the bus, going to work and coming home late at night frozen! I wish I could call or poke the sun from Qatar to visit the UK. I remember in Doha with friends, we used to wander inside the mall to feel cold where it’s totally different here, some people go inside the department stores to warm their body. Despite of the bad weather; even the snow storm could not stop us from renting the cars. Serving our customers was still being continued with high level of service, until such time that Heathrow Airport decided to shutdown their business temporarily. Learning new systems at work, getting along well with new co-workers, my body adjusting to the cold weather (that made me missing the hot weather in Doha) I may say that it was a season for me to be tough and say “These are all worth sacrificing”.

Today, winter bid goodbye for a while, spring now smiles to everyone and flowers will soon begin to bloom. There were tragic moments caused by the heavy storm last year but it’s time to look forward to more seasons of working to have fruits of our labour to reap in the next coming months. Spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, all seasons they do come and go but we have no choice but to embrace the beauty of God’s creation. Like Sixt customers, they also come and go but the only choice we have is to accept the beauty of our business. Season changes but no matter what the season is, there will always be Sixt cheerful Staff facing the customers at the counter, holding the key ready to give them the car they desire. Sixt aspiration will continue to live by for us as long as people need a car and with Sixt there are great people to support their expedition.

Like our customers, we are all like travellers in our own journey seeking happiness. That life may be tough sometimes to endure but the most important thing is that we discover the purpose of our existence. The road we travel may be rough or smooth at times but these are all worth treasuring especially when it’s shared… I hope that you have your own story to share in this endless season to travel called Life…

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