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Munich to ChesterfieldUnless you’ve been stuck in a cave for the last 24 hours you can’t fail to have noticed that there’s been the small matter of an erupting volcano in Iceland disrupting the skies across Europe.

With flights grounded for a second day and closures at most major European airports, describing the situation as chaotic would be an understatement!

With an a total of 17,000 flights expected to be cancelled today alone, passengers are looking for alternative modes of transport to reach their destination.

However finding an alternative to air travel is proving to be very difficult for thousands of stricken passengers.

With ferries across the channel and the eurotunnel already experiencing a surge in demand, travel between the UK and mainland Europe is more difficult than ever.

Those willing to drive the distance can turn to car hire, but demand is high as passengers begin to realise that flight cancellations for another day are fast becoming a reality.

Four Sixt UK staff members know this better than anyone else. Having landed in Munich on Wednesday their flight has been cancelled twice and their vist extended unexpectedly by 48 hours. A 12 hour road trip now ensues, arriving home in the same suits they left in 4 days ago! We will let you know how they get on.

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  1. Andy Aspden says:

    Good luck to the staff getting back from Munich, wish you all the best on your epic roadtrip.

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  2. Terri Ekkel says:

    My son is stranded in Spain Benalmadena – do you do any car hire for taking car over to England? Can you suggest anything?

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    • Andy Aspden says:


      I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to this earlier and I hope that your son has managed to get back to the UK already. However, if your son is still stranded in Spain there are several possible options for him.

      Sixt can do one way hires, however I would certainly advise contacting the branch that is closest to Benalmadena, which is our Malaga Airport branch, to check the possibility of doing this.

      These are the contact details for Malaga:

      Malaga Airport
      Terminal 1 & 2 Arrival Hall
      29004 Malaga

      Tel. +34-902-491616

      and our branch page is here:

      It will be the branch’s decision as to whether your son can take the car to the UK, but there may be other options of taking the car to Santander or Bilbao and taking a ferry from there.

      The ferries from Santander are run by Brittany Ferries and can be contacted through their website here: and their phone number is 0871 244 0744. This ferry has 2 destinations in the UK, both Plymouth and Portsmouth. However there are ferries to other European destinations from Santander where your son could try to find another way of getting across to the UK.

      Ferries from Bilbao are run by P & O Ferries and their website is here: However at the moment they are advising that you contact their call centre to ensure that you get the most up to date information on the following number 08716 645 645. The ferry goes direct from Bilbao to Portsmouth.

      If you have any further queries then please contact our reservation team in the UK on the following number, 0844 248 6620, and we will do our best to try and help you as much as possible.

      Finally, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are making regular updates to their website for British Citizens who are currently stranded due to the ash cloud.

      I hope this helps you and that your son gets back to the UK as quickly as possible.

      Andy Aspden
      Sixt UK Online Team

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