Terminal 5 turned into T-Mobile 5 for flashmob advert

A giant flashmob advertisement shot by T-Mobile in Heathrow’s newest terminal, Terminal 5, aired for the first time on Friday after being shot just two days earlier. Flashmobs occur when a group of people apparently ‘spontaneously’ exhibit some behaviour in a public place, be it pillow fighting, freezing in mid-walk or indeed dancing. However flashmobs are actually pre-arranged, with the group establishing the behaviour and the time it will occur beforehand.

In an extravaganza of 300 singers and dancers, service provider T-Mobile filmed the ‘guerrilla’ performance in front of passengers at Terminal 5 by mobile phone for their latest TV advertisement.

Chief operating officer at Heathrow, Nick Cullen, says that he is delighted that T-Mobile’s advertisement will capture the spirit of Heathrow. The Heathrow employee commented that international air travel has the ability to spread international cultures, and pointed out that Heathrow brings thousands of people together every day.

The singers performed to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Knew you were waiting’, which was played over the terminal’s PA system. This song was chosen to celebrate the fact that Heathrow, as a major flight destination, plays host to more ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ than any other airport in the world. Part of the reason that Heathrow is now such a popular hub is the convenient services offered to travellers: from public transport links and a central location, to easy access to terminals for car hire, Heathrow is a great destination for passengers of all kinds.

Terminal 5 is the latest addition to Heathrow’s vast airport complex and exclusively handles passengers flying with British Airways. The terminal was built at a cost of £4.3 billion, and its four-storey modern architecture has proved an attraction to both passengers and advertising campaigns.

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