BA set to Restore Travel Perks for Staff

As the discussions between members of the Unite union and British Airways continue to try and reach an agreement between all parties, BA have taken the step of restoring travel perks for staff. This move takes away one of the biggest grievances raised by the striking staff and could pave the way for a settlement to the dispute.

Strikes by BA staff this year have disrupted flights from Manchester, Heathrow and Stansted on several occasions this year, but it is hoped that this decision will influence the current vote for further strike action.

During 2010 BA staff have staged a total of 22 days of strike action, causing a total cost of £150m to the airline. When the dispute began in November last year, it centred on changes to staffing levels and working conditions.

When the dispute first started in November 2009 it related to working conditions and staffing levels, but following the removal of travel concessions and other disciplinary measures taken by BA during the strikes there has been little sign of an impasse. With BA now conditionally restoring the travel concessions it is hoped that the vote will turn out favourably for the airline.

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