Say hello to Sion, the very first solar-powered electric car

For anyone interested in green-tech and the development of new and sustainable means of transport, September 5th marked an important day in the calendar. SonoMotors, a Munich-based startup company, have reached their crowdfunding target to produce solar-powered electric cars and are now readying the prototypes for test drives in early 2017.
What’s the idea?

Driving could not be any greener


The Sion is an electric car that has solar cells across its body and integrated into the chassis, covering an area of 7.5 m². This enables the vehicle to generate enough charge to drive an additional 30 kilometers per day. Not only is the Sion family-friendly, featuring a full six seats and large boot, but the solar-generated energy is bidirectional and can be used to charge all common electrical devices. One of the most remarkable things about the Sion, however, is its price: the ‘Extender’ model with a range of 250 km is currently being marketed at an extremely competitive €16,000, while its smaller sibling the ‘Urban’ model is going for just €12,000 with a 120 km range.

Any other new developments?

Well, the Sono team have developed a pretty extraordinary new kind of air filtration system. They call it breSono and it uses a type of Icelandic moss embedded into the dashboard: the plant draws in and binds with dust particles in the air, naturally cleaning it from urban pollution. It also acts like a sponge to control the humidity levels, drawing in and releasing moisture depending on the inside climate. The result? Clean, fresh air and a filtration system which requires no upkeep as the moss naturally draws its water from the moisture in the air.

What would be the upkeep costs?

Hard to say at this early stage, but the people are Sono have stressed that every aspect of the design is intended for the least cost to both the environment and its owner. As such, all spare parts can be reproduced royalty-free and using the reSono software all information on how to fit and repair the parts will be open to everyone. The vehicle is being pitched at young families and young professionals who seek a low-cost and environmentally-friendly alternative to classic vehicle ownership. The range of the Sion makes it perfect for commutes to work or for short breaks out of town, and its innovative new technology gives us a glimpse at the future of green mobility.

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