Going back to the Future with the all new electric DeLorean!

 The revived motor company has announced an all-electric version of the classic ‘time machine’ car will be put back into production by the now Texas-based motor company and first cars should be on the road by 2013.


The original Ireland based company, run by John DeLorean manufactured the ‘DeLorean’ for the American market in 181-1982. This was the only model produced by them and only 9,000 models were actually manufactured and it is believed that there are around 6,500 cars left in the world today.

In 1995 an entrepreneur Stephen Wynne started a separate company using the ‘DeLorean Motor Company’ name creating remanufactured DeLoreans from original new stock. Interest has already lining up the reserved vehicles and it is believed that these new all-electric versions are going to cost around $90,000-$10,000. It is believed there are plans to manufacture around 350 – 400 electric DeLoreans, based on the company’s current inventory of parts. The electric vehicle will be equipped with a 200 HP Motor, go 0-60mph in 8 seconds and can drive 100 miles between charges. These vehicles also hold a few other enhancements including an iPod dock, Satellite navigation, and Bluetooth technology.


Although I do wonder whether these vehicles will have space for a hoverboard and a flux capacitor? It seems all back to the future replicas are very popular, so much so Nike have recently made the futuristic Hihg-top trainers that Marty Mcfly wore in part II of the Back to the future trilogy. There are even sites online that produce replica hoverboards!

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  1. Vegas DeLorean Car Rental Guy says:

    Very kind article on Stephen! Great guy. Thanks for keeping the magic of BTTF alive!

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  2. Glad your enjoyed the article!


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