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We now are half way through the London 2012 games and what better way to celebrate Britain’s staggering 18 gold medals, leading us into position 3 in the tables, by offering up to 25% discount on any outbound location! That’s right discounts for our UK customers to any international location Sixt reside in!

Thanks to our brilliant athletes Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah  and Greg Rutherford for setting the Olympic main arena alive this weekend with their amazing feats!  Customers can enjoy great deals over Europe, the USA and worldwide!

All round amazing team!

Its not just Athletics where the UK have competed amazingly. The cycling team have absolutely smashed all expectations with a staggering 5 gold medals and 1 bronze indoor and of course not to forget Mr Wiggings for his amazing road race , just after his French win only a few weeks ago!The Men gymnastics team did not fail to impress receive a bronze, as well as Louis Smith and Matt Whitlock receiving silver and bronze on the pummel horse!

After a painstaking 4 years of preparation  Ben Ainslie receives his fourth gold medal in men’s sailing. Rebecca Adlington and Michael Jamieson both brought medals home from the pool, just as Andy Murray wows in the Wimbledon arena after winning both a gold and a silver in one day on the courts!

Gemma Gibbons thanks her mum after the amazing effort she put in the Judo receiving a silver and Karina Bryant’s great effort bought her the bronze. Finally not forgetting the 4 gold 2 silver and 3 bronze medals received in rowing in both men’s and women’s rounds!

We here at Sixt HQ are looking forward to another exciting week filled with medals and smashing the record of medals at the Beijing Olympics!

For more information on the games check out the official website:

Rental Deal Period:

Rental period UK: 15/09/2012 – 30/11/2012
Rental period US: 01/09/2012 – 30/11/2012 (valid for rentals of 3 to 27 days)
Rental period Austria: 01/10/2012 – 15/12/2012 (valid for rentals of 3 to 27 days)
Rental period Switzerland: 01/10/2012 – 15/12/2012 (valid for rentals of 3 to 27 days)
Rental period Belgium: 01/08/2012 – 15/12/2012 (valid for rentals of 5 to 27 days)
Rental period Netherlands: 01/09/2012 – 15/12/2012 (valid for rentals of 3 to 27 days and for weekend rentals)
Rental period France: 20/08/2012 – 15/12/2012 (valid for rentals of 3 to 27 days)
Rental period Spain: 01/10/2012 – 28/02/2013
Rental period Germany: until 16/12/2012 (weekend and airport rentals only)

Unlimited rental period and all lengths of rental in all other countries.

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