The BRITs prepare for 30th year

The coveted BRIT award

The coveted BRIT award

The British Recording Industry Britannia Centenary Awards was first held in the Wembley Conference Centre in 1977. Created as a way of rewarding the music industry in the UK, but also serving as a double celebration of the first recording by Thomas Edison 100 years previously and also the Queen’s Jubilee anniversary. The awards given based upon musical success over the previous 25 years and of the 85 companies given ballot forms, only 42 returned them with their choices.

Now the BRITs is a spectacular annual event that is broadcast on terrestrial TV with many of the nominees performing live for the audience that gathers at Earl’s Court just near to our Fulham / Chelsea car hire branch. This year is no exception, with Lady GaGa, Kasabian, Cheryl Cole and Florence and the Machine all set to provide the entertainment for the crowds at the event whilst Bolton’s own Peter Kay will be hosting the show.

Throughout the event’s history there have been many memorable moments, from Jarvis Cocker storming the stage in protest of Michael Jackson’s performance of “Earth Song” in 1996 to Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox’s notoriously cringeworthy presenting in 1989, but now the evening generally goes without a hitch.

The awards will be broadcast live (although sometimes they do this with a slight delay, just in case someone swears or does something not fit for broadcast) on ITV on Feb 16th.

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