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Winter Escapes – Malaga

30 Oct 2014 by Ishbel     

Best Winter Breaks – Malaga on the Costa Del Sol As winter approaches, we at Sixt are not worrying about it casting a sad cloud over the delightful autumn period and chilling our memories of summer, instead we are planning our winter holiday! The hot topic of debate in the office is whether a warm […]

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Get to know the Sixt Staff from Málaga Airport and find out more about their Christmas Party

20 Dec 2013 by Matthew Fransioli     
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How Sixt rent a car Station Employees in Spain Celebrated a great Christmas Party together Welcome to Sixt Málaga Airport, Costa del Sol in Spain In this branch, nearly all the employees are senior staff on the company and this is the reason we all behave like a family and organize special events with love. […]

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2 Oct 2012 by Matthew Fransioli     
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History Malaga has been the subject of many invasions and disputes over the years. Ownership of the territory has switched hands many times, with both the Moors of northern Africa and the Roman Empire occupying the area. Malaga’s coastal location in the south of Spain has given it strategic importance through the ages and is […]

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Travel guide to Malaga

9 Aug 2012 by Matthew Fransioli     
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As part of our Spanish travel trips series, we bring your our next destination. Malaga is a Spanish City located in the South of the country. It is the largest city on the Costa del Sol. The climate is hot in the summer and indeed, the average daily temperature is 20 degrees or more for […]

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50% Discount for Malaga Passengers Affected by Flight Cancellations

15 Apr 2010 by Matthew Fransioli     

As flights to and from the UK are grounded Sixt customers currently affected by the cancellations at Malaga Airport are being offered a 50% discount on continuing their booking if they present a valid ticket for a cancelled flight at their Sixt Malaga Car Hire Branch. Correction to article: Please note this offer is not […]

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Spain Road trip Ideas

1 Apr 2014 by Jens     

Basque Circuit For a great road trip in Spain try driving through some of the Basque circuit in the North with over 300 miles of roads. You could start off at San Sebastien with a visit to La Concha Beach, for fantastic views and a chilled out day on the beach. Afterwards drive west along […]

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Start your holiday in Spain with a roar – Rent a high performance BMW M3 Coupe

24 Jun 2013 by Gary Coughlan     
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What better way to enjoy beautiful Spain than sitting behind the wheel of a powerful BMW M3 or M6 Coupe. A siesta will be the last thing on your mind as you add the sleek curves of your M3 to the already picturesque Spanish countryside. Seems to good to be true but it is true. […]

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On Holiday in Spain: What you can eat and what you should avoid

6 Mar 2013 by Matthew Fransioli     
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Spain is a country well-known around the globe for its rich history of cuisine. Whether one wishes to travel to the blustery northern coastline or to the more temperate regions of Catalonia and Tarragona, the distinctive cities and cultures will leave an indelible impression for years to come. Nonetheless, there are certain foods that should […]

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The best places to go on holiday in 2013

14 Jan 2013 by Matthew Fransioli     
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Amsterdam   Amsterdam is one of the best places to go on holiday in 2013. Like Venice, it has an abundance of canals and also exhibits some of the greatest architecture. If you are an admirer of Anne Frank, visit the Anne Frank museum. See the Wester Tower landmark, the highest church tower in Amsterdam […]

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All you need to know about travelling in Spain in 2013

4 Jan 2013 by Matthew Fransioli     

The top car hire travel inspirations and tips for Spain! Spain is a beautiful country home to many diverse attractions sure to entertain tourists of all nationalities and ages. Spain is filled with rich architecture, deep history, great food and exquisite beaches that differ between its seventeen autonomous communities. Because Spain has so much to […]

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