Driveway parking, a new concept…

park-driveWith Christmas looming, the onset of rail strikes and redundancies, life can seem pretty bleak at times. Money is tight for many households and mortgages have to be paid. This could be the time for change! Houses with drives located in popular areas can now benefit from a little income boost. Steering away from traditional car parking methods a new concept is beginning to take off with websites such as Park on My Drive offering private parking spaces throughout the UK. Homeowners who have an extra space or spaces on their driveway that they don’t use or have vacant for most of the day can rent them out, either by the hour, day, week, or month.

This is a great opportunity for those who live near rail stations, beaches, sports stadiums and airports to take full advantage and generate a bit of extra money. The going rate for a space varies across the country and the particular locality or event.

For those looking to park their vehicle this solution offers a safe, secure and stress free way of parking. Pre-booked parking takes the hassle out of driving around searching for a space to park, worrying about returning in time to avoid a parking fine or the dreaded clamp. Some of the drive owners even offer other services such as taking holidaymakers on to the airport and even valeting the car whilst they’re away.

If you have a drive that you think might be in a popular location or if you need to find a private space in a busy area or at an event or airport why not take a look at Park on my drive.

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