For Sale: The Worlds Fastest Amphibian Supercar


Known by creator Marc Witt as ‘The Sea Lion’ the amphibious car took a total 6 years to build bringing the inventor’s dream to life of a high speed vehicle which can also be used on the seas.

The sports car can reach a top speed of 125mph on Land and a very impressive 60mph on the sea! Keeping up with and overtaking many speedboats.

And this car could be yours today, for just $259,500! Now Marc has realised his dream, he is ready to sell to make room for new projects.

The car is one of over 25 vehicles that is currently competing for the title of fastest amphibious vehicle.

When Marc started building the car in 2006, he aimed had a goal to reach 60mph – beating the water-speed record of 45mph set by an amphibious car at that current time.

The inventor Marc still thinks if the next owner decides to upgrade the engine they could even reach greater speeds and land the record themselves. At the moment the record speed is 125mph



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  1. Gary Coughlan says:

    With all the rain we’ve been having I may need to consider to put in a bid. Do you know whether they would consider a part exchange and a significant lowering of the price.

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