George sets example for car hire users with 84 years of motoring

driving-in-londonA 99-year-old man has set an example for drivers all over the UK by clocking up 84 years of motoring – and around 800,000 miles – without picking up a single speeding ticket.

Users of car hire in London may want to take a leaf out of George Geeson’s book.

The 99-year-old has been driving for 84 years without picking up a single speeding ticket or causing an accident.

Mr Geeson first got behind the wheel in 1925, when he was 15, before driving tests had come into force.

Since then the only accident he has been involved in came in 1958 when he was shunted by another driver.

He said that over the years he must have clocked up more than 800,000 miles, adding that he has always been careful behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, one man who is finding driving in the UK not quite so straightforward is Carlo Ancelotti.

The Chelsea boss has told the Daily Mirror that he believes motoring in London is more difficult than managing the Premier League club, as he is struggling to get used to his rear-view mirror being to his left rather than his right.

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