Google receives green light for self driven car in Nevada

Until a few years ago it was a myth. Now the search engine giant Google has just received the first license for the test of self-steering vehicles on the roads of the State of Nevada has received. So the first tests of a completely artificially controlled cars in real traffic are possible. According to initial media reports, the demonstrations took place in the automatic pilot a Toyota Prius success on the streets of Las Vegas.

The vehicle is fitted with a laser, cameras, GPS and software equipped with artificial intelligence. Obstacles, pedestrians and red lights can thus be identified and entered addresses can be controlled independently. The goal of the Google project is to shorten travel times and in the future to avoid accidents and traffic jams. As well as aid the visually impaired to become more independent.

However, the robot cars are not currently unmanned on the road. At the moment there are two drivers-one at the wheel and one on the passenger seat required, which can slow down the futuristic vehicle in an emergency, and manually controlled.

critics believe it will take at lease three to five years for these cars to go onto the market
In addition to the Toyota Prius, you can watch tests of  a self-propelled Audi TT and a Lexus. It is believed it will take another 3-5 years for these cars to be open on the market. However, already several other U.S. states such as California, Florida and Hawaai have an interest in the autopilot car.

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