How to pack a moving van

Moving house is consistently regarded as one of the most stressful things a person can do. One of the stresses is worrying about all your possessions arriving at the new abode in good shape. Correctly packing a removal van can help relieve this particular tension. Remember to check our previous post on moving appliances to help you before packing your van.


Pack as much as possible into removal boxes. Boxes are easier to move and their uniform shape makes that better to pack in the van.

Line the base of each removal box with scrunched up butcher’s paper.

Wrap each item in butcher’s paper to protect it from becoming scratched.

Label each box so that it can be delivered directly to the relevant room when it is unloaded from the van. Write your labels on the tape used to seal the boxes; that means you can reuse the boxes for other purposes.

Plates and dishes are best packed side by side rather than laid down flat. Cups and glasses should be packed upside down.

Health and Safety

Don’t over-pack boxes. You do not want to strain yourself trying to move too much at once.

When lifting boxes or items of furniture, remember to bend at the knees to avoid injuring your pack.

Wear protective gloves.


Cover all pieces of furniture with packing blankets.

Items of furniture are typically the heaviest and most bulky pieces to move. As such, they should be loaded into the van first. Smaller items can then be fitted around them.

Any furniture, such as dining tables, that can be dismantled by unscrewing the legs should be.

Lay the flat surfaces of furniture downwards. This makes them more stable for transit.

Add the largest pieces of furniture first, and then stack smaller pieces on top.

One good technique is to start with the settee, placed with its back against the front of the van. Small tables and chairs can then be placed upside down on the seat and boxes with appliances such as TVs can go on top of those. Then slide bed bases and mattresses against the sides of the van, securing them to the bars.


Whenever possible, pack appliances in their original boxes. They will be the best fit and prevent the appliances moving around so much.

Big appliances typically go towards the back of the van, over the rear wheels. This helps balance the van.

If pushed for space, place empty fridges on top of other appliances, as they will be comparatively lighter.

Final tip

Don’t pack the kettle in the back of the removal van; keep it in the cab. After all that work, you will want a cup of tea at your new home before you start unloading.

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