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Volvo V70

Wanted comfort and style, with that much needed extra space? then the Volvo V70 which features in our FWAR vehicle group, is the car for you! As part of a series or great cars on offer This is one of the first Volvo models to feature high performance versions of the five cylinders D3 and D5 turbo diesels. The 2.5 liter D5 diesel engine has 215 of horsepower and a whooping 440Nm of torque. These engines also come with eight percent fuel consumption reduction compared to previous versions. In addition, Volvo V70 2012 model comes with revamped headlamps and optional active xenon lights, not mentioning LED turn indicators which are installed at the door mirrors.

When it comes to infotainment V70 2012 comes packed with either a five inch or a seven inch color LCD display, and through intuitive user interfaces, the vehicles driver can access wide range of settings such as audio system, climate unit, lighting, and active cruise control. This LCD display also provides information such as DVD player and digital television, reversing and panorama cameras, and GPS navigation system.

Safety features

Collision Warning

This is a standard feature with all V70 models, and this particular feature works by keeping an artificial eye on the vehicles which are in front. This is made possible courtesy of a laser sensor which enables the car to automatically brake if the driver is not responding in time when the vehicle ahead slows down. Collision warning technology can even stop the vehicle when the driver is driving very fast towards a stationary object.

Pedestrian Detection with Auto-brake

Volvo V70 models come embedded with radar and a camera which assists in monitoring pedestrians who are in front of the vehicle, and the feature instantly provides warning alerts to the driver. In case the driver ignores these alerts, the vehicle automatically forces an emergency brake before the collision becomes unavoidable.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This particular feature assists the vehicle to maintain a constant safety margin with the vehicle in front, making it very ideal when driving in busy traffic.

Low Fuel Consumption

Volvo V70 2012 consumes 8 percent less than its predecessors. This particular model when fitted with a manual gearbox only consumes 5.1 Litres every 100 KM (134 g/km), and when fitted with an automatic transmission it consumes 6.2 Litres per every 100 Km (149 g/km). For the front wheel drive version V70 consumes 5.6 litres for every 100km (149 g/km), and with the manual version the vehicle can comfortably manage 6.8 litres for every 100 Km. For more information on the Volvo V70 check out Wikipedia

Rent the V70 with Sixt

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