Sixt celebrates United Nations’ World Tourism Day

September 27th marks the United Nations’ World Tourism Day and this year’s theme is ‘promoting universal accessibility’. The worldwide celebration is intended to draw attention to the cultural, economic and political value of tourism, and the importance of opening the opportunity to enjoy global travel to people of all ages and physical abilities. With around 1.2 billion people embarking on travel every year, and that number steadily growing, our thirst for adventure and new experiences has never been stronger.

For many people, travel is the greatest feeling in the world. When you visit other countries you are presented with new cultures, landscapes and languages, which help to develop your understanding of the diversity of our world. While abroad the constant opportunity to see new things and engage with different people is an exhilarating challenge that for many becomes addictive. This desire for travel is known as wanderlust and some people have it by the barrow-load!

At Sixt we are completely besotted with travel and exploration: our global service enables people to explore far and wide, expanding their horizons as they go. With your own vehicle you can make the world your oyster and you don’t have to worry about the journey being too arduous or tiring for those who are older, have a physical disability or are travelling with young children. In celebration of World Tourism Day and all that travel has to offer, Sixt have created an infographic depicting some of our experiences with customers and their adventures. Ever wondered what people leave in their rental cars? Which cars people want to hire the most and where they visit? Take a look below to find out more!

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