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Want to see great information on driving? Need advice how to drive a large van or where you can drive on the left hand side in foreign countries? Sixt Car rental blog offers great advice on all these subjects and more whether it is safety advice for car hire abroad or information on new driving laws in the UK.

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Men VS Women Driving Infographic

Sixt rent a car Infographic Who are Better Drivers Women or Men? Survey conducted by Sixt Neuwagen Around 1,000 drivers have been asked for their opinion Result: men THINK they are the better drivers,...


Scotland Road Trips

Home to some of the most captivating locations in Britain, Scotland’s beautiful scenes and remarkable heritage is waiting to be discovered. The majority of Scotland is untamed countryside, growing wilder and more striking the further...


Are Women the Worst Learner Drivers?

It is one of the most popular and fought over modern debates; who are the worst drivers, men or women? Inevitably people involved in these debates fall into two camps. Those people who believe...

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Sixt’s Van Driving Advice

Driving a Van Driving is an important specialisation considering the responsibility it beholds. The Driver not only should ensure the comfort of his passengers but also the safety of the passengers in particular. Children...

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Make your car ready for the Winter

With winter fast approaching, it is important to ensure that your car is prepared by both checking car components and packing additional items. Car Components One of the most important components, especially in adverse...

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Driving in London during the Games?

Driving in London during the Games? Please avoid driving into central London, on and around the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and near Games venues and live sites throughout the Games. Roads within central London...