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Sixt offers Van hire for all sorts of reasons, whether you are looking to hire a vehicle to move house, you have bought some new furniture or you are a small business and need an extra van for a few days, we can compensate for all needs! Check out the Sixt blog for exclusive van hire deals from Sixt!


Sixt Truck Deal

Sixt is currently running a great offer at the moment which enables you to book cheap van rentals. From the 03.01.2014 – 28.03.2014 you can book a van for as little as £ 29...

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Sixt’s Van Driving Advice

Driving a Van Driving is an important specialisation considering the responsibility it beholds. The Driver not only should ensure the comfort of his passengers but also the safety of the passengers in particular. Children...

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Accessories needed to move house

Moving house can be a time consuming, frustrating experience if you don’t organise everything in advance. There are a number of products that will enable you to do that and make the removal process...

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How to pack a moving van

Moving house is consistently regarded as one of the most stressful things a person can do. One of the stresses is worrying about all your possessions arriving at the new abode in good shape....

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How To: Moving White Goods Safely

Xmas sale? Giving birth? Choosing a pizza topping? What do you think the most traumatic experiences in life are? As revealed in a previous post on this blog moving house is on the list....