Air France to offer free 2nd seats to larger passengers

AirportAir France, who are one of the largest airlines flying out of Frankfurt Airport, Nice Airport, Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport, will be altering their policy regarding obese passengers from the start of February, revealing that it may prevent passengers from getting onto economy flights if they are full and the larger-framed passenger cannot fit into a single seat, for “safety reasons”. However, if the flight is not oversubscribed then bigger travellers who currently have to purchase an additional seat at a 25% discount will be refunded the purchase of the additional seat.

This is intended to bring Air France’s policies more in line with other airlines who also prevent overweight passengers embarking on oversubscribed flights. All passengers flying with the airline have the option of purchasing an adjacent seat at a discount, but only those considered to be overweight will get a refund.

The move is to ensure that the plane can be evacuated within 90 seconds in the case of an emergency. Ultimately the final decision belongs to the captain of the flight who can ask a passengers to leave the aircraft for safety reasons or can let them fly.

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