American Airlines Roll out Mobile Check-in at Manchester

Travellers arriving at our Manchester Airport car hire branch have had the option of checking in using their mobiles or online for quite a while now. We discovered that the process was considerably improved, cutting down the need for completing large amounts of paperwork when picking up your vehicle from our staff.

And now, American Airlines has started to roll out a similar service for their passengers landing at Manchester Airport and several other airports in Europe, including Frankfurt, Zurich and Barcelona were you can also pick up a car from our branches located at the airports. The airline’s move to providing a check-in service using a mobile phone will cut out the need for a paper boarding pass, allowing passengers to simply show the 2-dimensional barcode before boarding their flight.

Andrew Watson, American Airlines’ vice president, said “An even greater number of our customers will be able to select the option to display their boarding pass on their mobile phone ā€“ speeding the process at the airport and eliminating the need for a paper boarding pass,” and added that the addition of the new airports was “exciting”.

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