Best Travel Tips for Orlando

Introductions and Preparation:


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It is not just Atlanta which has lots to offer for tourists, Orlando is one of the biggest tourist spots on the east coast. Covering over 100 square miles, with such a large area to explore it is wise to follow a few helpful tips to make your trip run as smoothly as possible.
If you are intending to visit theme parks such as Disney World, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios and Sea World it is worth checking out websites before you purchase your tickets. You can buy Flexi Tickets that will cover your visit and which will work out a lot cheaper than buying them individually on site.
Before you leave the airport make sure that you have change in coins as once out of the terminals there are many toll roads en route to Orlando. Some are not manned so you will need the correct money when you reach them.
Also, check the dates that you are planning to take your trip to Orlando. Florida and in particular the theme parks are popular destinations with students especially on Spring Break (which usually falls around March time). Their presence can double the amount of visitors to the parks so it is worth avoiding taking your holiday at this time if you can. Of course, Fast Passes can also be purchased to put you to the top of the line.

Places of Interest and Activities for Families:

Universal Studios

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As well as the usual places to visit such as Disneyworld and the like, it is worth visiting some places that are off the beaten track. The Everglades are spread out over 4000 square miles of Florida and are home to many specis of whildlife such as aligators and manatees. Take an educational airboat ride across the marshes for an up close and personal experience with these animals.
Discovery Cove comes highly recommended as a once in a lifetime experience. In tropical settings you can snorkel, enjoy the avery of exotic birds, meet the dolphins and swim with them.
Along the highways are plenty of adventure golf facilities for a family game after dinner.

Places to Stay and Places to Eat:

Deciding on where you want to stay depends on what sort of holiday you want. If you are planning on visiting the theme parks there are hotels on site with transfers by bus, monorail or even boat between the parks. If you are hiring a car then you can stay outside the parks in one of the many hotels or residential villas.
Along the routes are many famous restaurants such as the Red Lobster, numerous Italians and authentic Steak Houses. Ponderosa is a great place to start each day with a breakfast buffet for only $4.99. All of the restaurants will offer great service and value for money.

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    Atlanta is not Orlando. Atlanta is in the State of Georgia and Orlando is in the State of Florida. Additionally, for a car rental company that offers premium rentals, the suggestions of where to eat are pedestrian at best.

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