Car hire users on holiday ‘want activity breaks’

activeholidayLaying on a beach and soaking up the sun’s rays is no longer good enough for many holidaymakers, according to an expert.

Lynsey Devon, Activity Sector public relations manager for the adventure division at TUI Travel, said that Brits are now keener to try more adventurous activities, users of car hire in Munich may be interested to hear.

She added that back in the 1970s tourists were quite content to just lie back on a beach, but they now prefer to head out and gain some experiences that they can tell their friends about, which may mean that they need car hire.

Ms Devon stated: “People in their mid 30s and 40s and then the silver surfers and the families are all looking forward to and doing activities on holiday.”

A recent Mintel study found that 36 per cent of Brits like to educate themselves about their holiday destination, saying that this is an important part of a getaway.

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