Carbon Trust Standard Accreditation

Stansted Airport has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard Accreditation, following its introduction and successful undertaking of various energy-saving initiatives. Stansted Airport’s green efforts have resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions by almost 2% between January 2007 and December 2009.

The airport successfully cut its carbon footprint in several ways, such as urging staff to switch off all electrical items (where practical) instead of leaving them in standby mode, and installing sensor lighting in office areas that can detect when someone enters the room and can automatically turn the lights off when everyone has left. The installation of low energy lighting on the airfield also manages to save a massive amount of energy throughout the year.

Motion sensors on travelators and escalators allow for them to be run only when required, rather than being switched on all the time.

Other ways in which the airport has managed to cut carbon emissions is by having taxiing planes use just one engine while on the ground, and the installation of biomass technology when extending the terminal. This allowed construction work to be carried out in a carbon-neutral fashion.

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