Manchester Airport Notes Passenger Increase

It has been revealed that after almost two and a half years Manchester Airport is seeing a rise in its passenger numbers. With a number of popular routes to Singapore, the USA, and the Middle East boosting traveller numbers, October saw an increase of 1.81per cent in passengers, the first rise since May 2008.

Fantastic news for the airport, the consequences of such data are positive for all concerned. With higher popularity, airlines and services are far more likely to be willing to commit themselves to the port. Cheap car hire in Manchester facilities will offer those visitors to the region the perfect way to explore and discover the area, whilst an increasing number of flights to popular business and holiday hotspots will allow local residents fast and easy access to destinations around the world.

In particular, services to Dubai have attracted much attention, with Emirates noting record breaking passenger numbers to the UAE destination. Meanwhile, with Etihad Airways increasing their capacity to Abu Dhabi, passenger numbers to the Middle East have rocketed. And with Singapore Airlines also adding new flights to their routes, Manchester airport has noted a significant upsurge in traffic.

Talking of the welcome news, Manchester Airport’s managing director, Andrew Harrison, explained “we’re now starting to see strong passenger growth with international traffic showing a significant improvement on last year’s statistics. I am delighted to see that the market has finally taken a significant surge forward.” And with Christmas breaks increasingly popular, the airport’s popularity is set to continue soaring.

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