Survive The London Tube Strike With Car Hire As An Option

Having spent two very damp hours tonight desperately waiting and hoping that a train would make it through the spectacular thunderstorm and subsequent flooding we had in Chesterfield, I got to thinking about the pain, misery and suffering that the people of London who rely on the rail services to get about their daily life must be feeling at the moment with the London underground rail strikes.

I don’t actually drive and, with a 60 mile journey home, really had little choice but to put myself at the mercy of our national transport system and hope for the best.

Fortunately, after a little over 2 hours Cross Country trains came through and eventually got me safely home, however on the journey back to equally rainy Leeds, two thoughts occurred to me.

  1. That I should really learn to drive as soon as possible.
  2. It might be useful for the poor folks down in London to point out that we have car hire locations situated really close to some of the stations you might use regularly and that this might be worth mentioning to make travelling over the next few days a bit easier.

Here are some of our car hire locations in London which are situated close to tube stations

Car Hire at London Kings Cross

1 Brewery Road
North London
N7 9QJ
Phone: 0207 6190256

Car Hire at London Victoria

NCP Off Eccleston Bridge
South London
Phone: 0207 828 4099

Car Hire at London Vauxhall

171 Battersea Park Road
South London
Phone: 0207 6278768

There are Sixt branches spread throughout pretty much the whole of London so if you are interested in hiring a car but none of these locations suit then check out our London car hire page.

Obviously if you don’t drive, car hire isn’t an option and Transport For London are putting on a great range of additional services and giving advice on the best ways to get around the city.

However you choose to travel over the next few days, I just hope you, unlike me are able to do it without the accompanying thunderstorms!

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Lawrence says:


    I can only sympathise – I was in London last night and not only got caught up in the 5.00pm rush to drive out of London but also the met the 60,000 or so England football fans trying to drive in – result chaos in NW London. Did think about parking up at Sixt Wembley, buying a ticket, watching the match and taking my chances later…

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  2. Mike Osolinski says:

    Thanks Ian, I can imagine that must have been a bit of a nightmare! Still, next time I have to stand in a train station for hours listening to repeated announcements, I can only hope they are more like this…

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