The Best Places to visit in the UK

London skyline

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There are so many reasons why London, the capital city of England, is a top place in the UK, to put it in simple terms, there is so much to see and do. You can not go to London without visiting Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and London Bridge, they are iconic places and you will not be disappointed by visiting them. A trip on the London eye, next to the river Thames, is a must. The capsules are very spacious and the view from the top is breathtaking, with a particularly good view of Big Ben and the rest of London.

If shopping is what you are more interested in, then you will think you are in heaven in Oxford Street. The shops are incredible, and there are also many restaurants, bars and theatres in this world famous street. One of the great things about London is how easy it is to get around, thanks to the London underground. It is so easy to navigate around all of London, and the tubes in each platform are constant, as soon as one is gone another shows up.


Manchester is also a very busy and popular city but not quite as bustling as London, so you get more chance to stop and catch your breath. The royal exchange theatre is beautifully laid out and puts on some iconic shows including classics from William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. For all you football fans out there, you simply can’t come to Manchester without paying a visit to the playing grounds of champion team Manchester United – Old Trafford. A Manchester United museum is there as well as a tour of the stadium. John Rylands Library is possibly one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in the UK. The gothic, victorian library is located in the Southern campus of the University of Manchester. The amount of books in the place is ridiculously brilliant so get lost in history, you could spend all day in this amazing building. Along with the landmarks, the nightlife in Manchester is vibrant and exciting, The Northern Quarter and Fallowfield are particular favourites and Canal Street is the cities best gay area.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is a top place to visit in the UK. Camera Obscura and World of Illusionsis an awesome and fun place for the whole family. With five floors of weird and wacky activities, it is a very affordable attraction that offers hours of entertainment. Nearby is Edinburgh castle, which is a world famous fortress with mountains of history behind it. The view from the castle is fantastic and there are lots of bars and shops nearby. Arthur’s seat is basically a stroll up a mountain but it is a great way to get some exercise, it offers a wonderful view over Edinburgh and it is a beautiful place to spend a day.

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