Tutankhamen Comes to Manchester

The Tale of Tutankhamen, the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who was hailed “boy King” is one of the most intriguing tales in the history of Ancient Egypt. The story is shrouded in mystery and wonder, and anything associated with the tale of the young king draws

an array of interested spectators. This Autumn/Winter sees Tutankhamen come to Manchester for the first time.
The exhibition is to be held from October 22nd 2010 until February 27th 2011. Entitled Tutankhamen:His Tomb and his Treasures, it will provide visitors with an insight into the mystery behind the lost tomb. Howard Carter, an archaeologist specialising in Ancient Egyptian relics, discovered the tomb in 1992.

The long awaited exhibition will use modern technological advances to thrust spectators into the mysterious realm of Tutankhamen. The aim of the exhibition is to make people feel like they were present when the tomb was discovered.
Over 1000 items are on display, including all reproductions of the items Tutankhamen was believed to have been buried with. The original items are currently being housed in a museum in Cairo.

The exhibition is expected to draw large numbers from every corner of the UK. It will take place at the Museum of Museums in the Trafford Centre. Tickets are available now. Tourist information can be located at 45-50 Piccadilly Plaza. They will be able to provide information on hotels, Cheap Car Hire in Manchester and public transport services. There is a wide selection of restaurants with an array of different cuisines to choose from in Manchester city centre. Visitors coming to see this rare exhibition should find their stay in Manchester a pleasant one.

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