UK Snow Causing Chaos Once Again


Once again parts of the country have been brought to a standstill today as heavy snow showers hit. It seems that the worst weather is currently in Scotland and the North of England although apparently it is drifting South.

It seems that Manchester has been one of the worst hit areas according to BBC news reports with the airport suspending flights and various forms of public transport struggling to cope with the conditions.

Other airports including Leeds Bradford, Liverpool John Lennon and Luton have also been cancelling flights and other national transport services such as the Leeds to London rail service have been affected. The message of the day seems to be, don’t go out unless you have to!

If you do have to travel out on the roads during poor weather conditions then check out our winter driving tips post for some tips on keeping yourself safe.

If you are meant to be returning a car to our Manchester Airport branch then you can give them a call to check conditions around the branch.

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  1. St Pancras says:

    “…various forms of public transport …” Did you hear about what happened with the Eurotrain services? They had problems because of the snow, although the services were only reduced, not cancelled. I got back from holiday yesterday and we had taken the Eurotrain, so we missed the trouble.


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